Boris Bacic

"The cover is gorgeous, the artist is flexible and easy to work with. They adjusted any changes I asked for and even offered to do further changes after the cover was finished without additional costs."

Rebecca Massey

"I bought a premade but the designer still helped me make it my own and continue the design throughout the series. I keep coming back!"

Sean Fitzgerald

"Great accents that catch the eye, and Jervy’s idea of the characters on the cover do justice to my vision and the imaginations reported by some of my readers. Very well done, quick and responsive as well!"

Kristen Bomas

"She did an amazing job. Not only was she was able to grasp the essence of my book but was able to carry through on the cover with simplicity, using all the information I gave her. This was an easy and incredible experience!"

Eleonor Blemand

"I'm really glad of my collaboration with Jervy! He's a very talented, understanding, and patient designer who also works very fast, which is a must. I highly recommend you to work with him for all your book cover projects!"

Pickman's Press

"Talented designer who clearly has experience doing ebook cover design, deftly avoiding common mistakes beginners make. Would work with again."

Trollriver Pub

"Too good to pass up... Phoenix Designs gave us the perfect design for another cover in the series that we couldn't pass up the opportunity!"

Anaya Rapley

"I have had a great time working with Jervy. The process was easy. Asked and listen to requests for the project. His/her work is amazing and has great quality."

William Hastings

"Fantastic work, very professional and excellent at revision and feedback, highly recommended"

Patrick Adam

"Excellent work! It really stood out and I am delighted with the outcome. I will strongly consider for future projects."

Katie Dunn

"The designer was amazing once again at choosing the perfect character representations and design to capture my story."

Alex Carver

"Jervy did a fantastic job creating a cover that was popular with those I asked for an opinion from."


"She was very prompt and so talented. Gave exactly what I needed. "


"This was the coolest experience ever! Jervy is exceptional. "